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One of the most common offenses that come before the Juvenile Court involves traffic infractions. Routinely, over 1,000 cases are filed with the Clerk’s Office.

Teen drivers are subject to the same traffic laws as adults and there are certain age restrictions that cover their ability to operate a motor vehicle. Traffic offenders answer the charge(s) against them at Court hearings conducted every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1pm – 4pm at the Juvenile Court Center before a Magistrate. The Magistrate will determine whether the teen is a juvenile traffic offender and will determine if the youth will pay a fine at the Clerk’s Office, and/or any other penalty that may be assessed.

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Traffic Forms

Forms commonly needed when involved with a traffic case at Summit County Juvenile Court

Types of Hearings

Preliminary Hearings: allow a judge or a magistrate to officially inform the juvenile of the charge(s) alleged, advise the juvenile of his or her legal rights and notify the juvenile of the possible legal consequences. 

Pre-trial Hearings: provide a forum for a representative from the juvenile division of the Summit County Prosecutor's Office, the alleged juvenile offender, and his/her legal counsel with an opportunity to resolve a case without going to trial. If a resolution is not reached in the pre-trial stage, a trial will be scheduled at a later date. 

Adjudication Hearings: are when evidence is presented, and the court determines if the statements stated in the complaint are true.

Disposition Hearings: are when the court decides what penalties and/or sanctions a juvenile will receive for the offense committed.

SAFTE - Staying Accident Free Through Education

Staying Accident Free Through Education (SAFTE) is a voluntary diversion and education program for first-time juvenile traffic offenders; who qualify. The program meets twice per month and the juvenile is permitted to participate in the program just one time. The SAFTE program also seeks to educate parents and guardians on the dangers commonly experienced by juvenile drivers, as well as the parental responsibilities for the juvenile driver.


If you have received a Hearing Notice to attend a SAFTE class you may click the link below or scan the QR code to the right on the date/time indication on your notice.

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