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Misdemeanor Services

Case Managers in this department are assigned to Court referrals for youth charged with lower-level offenses or a parent charged with failing to send a child to school. Some of these referrals will have already failed to complete a diversion option or some may not qualify for diversion based on the nature of the charge or their prior Court history.

All referrals assigned to this department are filed officially and scheduled to be heard by the Judge or a Magistrate.

Case Managers perform various tasks for each case that may include communicating with the family, updating demographics in the Court’s Proware system, making recommendations for disposition, making referrals for services, and coordinating with community partners.

Case Managers are assigned cases based on the judicial hearing officer’s docket, so they have no control over when a case is scheduled nor are they able to cancel or change the date or time of a hearing.


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