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Magistrate Douglas McDougal

Magistrate Douglas McDougal was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and graduated from Field High School in Portage County in 2005. He resides with his family in Summit County. Magistrate McDougal obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Ohio Northern University in 2009, and his juris doctorate (cum laude) from Ohio Northern University in 2012. Magistrate McDougal was an associate editor with the Law Review and graduated in the top-10% of his class. Following graduation, Magistrate McDougal worked as an attorney taking appointments in criminal cases and child welfare cases in Medina County. Magistrate McDougal also worked as a Judicial Attorney for the Hancock County (Ohio) Court of Common Pleas from April, 2013, to August, 2015.

Magistrate McDougal has worked at the Summit County Juvenile Court under the leadership of Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio since August, 2015. Magistrate McDougal worked initially as a Judicial Attorney, where he served until January 2022. Magistrate McDougal was appointed part-time Magistrate at the Summit County Juvenile Court in February, 2017, and became a full-time Magistrate in January 2022.

Magistrate McDougal has a passion for child welfare and particularly working with parents that struggle with substance abuse. In addition to handling matters of children that are abused, neglected, and/or dependent, Magistrate McDougal has worked with the Summit County Juvenile Court’s Family Reunification through Recovery Court as the program director and part-time Magistrate from August 2015 until July 2019. Magistrate McDougal has also worked with the Ohio Supreme Court in the creation of child welfare bench cards to assist jurists around the state of Ohio. Magistrate McDougal is a member of the Akron Bar Association and the Ohio Association of Magistrates.

Bailiff : 330-643-4544 Zoom

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