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Research has long documented that youth who have been a victim of child abuse and neglect are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior.  Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio and Children Services Executive Director Julie Barnes are committed to addressing the issues presented by youth who are simultaneously known to both the child welfare and the juvenile justice systems.  The Dually Involved Youth (DIY) Initiative was implemented in Summit County to better serve the number of youth who are simultaneously involved in the two systems.  Court hearings involving the Dually Involved Youth (DL matters) and their family members (DN matters) will be conducted in front of the same judiciary.  The approach allows judicial officers to become thoroughly familiar with the needs of the youth and their families.  Families benefit by having greater familiarity with the judicial decision maker as well as, from not having to repeatedly share their stories with a series if changing judicial officers.


The goals of the Dually Involved Youth Initiative are to reduce out-of-home placement, recidivism in both systems, effective cross-system case management, case supervision, and coordination of service plans, communication among agencies, and increased family and youth engagement.