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Below are the various forms used in Juvenile Court. We have categorized them for easy access. If there is a form you cannot find or access please contact us.

Appointed Counsel/Indigency

Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency Form  

Payment Plan Packet   

Motion, Entry, and Certification for Appointed Counsel Fees Form

Statement of Opportunity


Fee Schedule

Complaint for Legal Custody and Motion for Temporary Custody

Cross Complaint LC

UCCJEA Affidavit Form  (printer friendly version)

Instructions to Clerk for Service

Legal Notice Publication

Motion for ETC in LC

Motion for Visitation Form

Standard Visitation Order

Motion for Child Support

Child Support Evidence Sheet Form  (printer friendly version)

Motion for Contempt

Motion to Intervene

Motion for Modification of Legal Custody Form

Motion for Modification of Visitation

Motion for Modification of Child Support

CAA GPOA Instruction Sheet

Caretaker Authorization Affidavit Packet (printer friendly version)

Grandparent Power of Attorney Packet  (printer friendly version)

Statement of Understanding for Legal Custody

Traffic Forms

AJDIP Application

Petition for Limited Driving Privileges-Restriction

Petition for Limited Driving Privileges-Suspension


Consent to Release, Obtain, and Utilize Information

Application to Expunge Record

Application to Seal Record

Sealing and Expungement of Juvenile Record Information

Motion for Waiver of Application Fee

Teen Court/High School Advisory Board

High School Advisory Board Nomination Form

Teen Court Volunteer Application


Failure to Send Complaint Form

School Referral Form

Truancy Complaint Form

Responder Referral Form


Rule 17 Subpoena

Police Department Forms

Courtesy Sealing Entry

Courtesy Expunge Entry

List of Records for Sealing

Police Diversion Records Policy



Attorney Access Gateway Application

Multilingual Forms

Statement of Opportunity

Instructions to Clerk for Service

Party Information Form

Consent To Marry

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